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The Vac-Wedge™ is an innovative, patented device that suctions inter-proximal moisture for dry gingival margins, ensuring longer lasting restorations. No special adapters are needed. Each Vac-Wedge™ box contains 100 wedges and 100 silicone tubes that can be attached to an existing saliva ejector tip. Choose from 3 different boxes: 50 small/50 medium wedges, 100 small wedges, or 100 medium wedges

Special features:

Due to the Vac-Wedge's™ translucent properties, light is partially transmitted through the wedge, allowing for better composite curing. 

The Vac-Wedge's™ flexibility ensures easy adaptation. 

The Vac-Wedge's™ connection to the silicone tubing minimizes the risk of aspiration.