Frequently Asked Questions


Refer to the ‘Home' page of this website for a detailed instructional video on how to use the Vac-Wedge™. 


Q. Do I need any special adapters to use the Vac-Wedge™?

A. No. Our Vac-Wedge™ box comes with both the wedges and silicone tubing required for usage.


Q. How many wedges can a saliva ejector accommodate?

A. No more than 2 wedges can be used on a single saliva ejector.


Q. Is it possible to adjust the length of the tubing?

A. Yes. The length of the tubing can be adjusted by sliding it into or out of the saliva ejector tip.


Q. My Vac-Wedge™ isn’t suctioning after activating the saliva ejector tip. What am I doing wrong?

A. First, we recommend that you confirm that the silicone tubing did not get bent within the saliva ejector tip. Second, check that the tubing is not getting pinched by the saliva ejector tip slits. If this is occurring, greater expansion of the saliva ejector tip is needed. In addition, you may trim any obstructions with scissors.


Q. Can I make an insertion hole on the side of the saliva ejector?

A. Yes. An insertion hole may be made on the side of the saliva ejector with a #8 round bur.


Q. How much light transmission does the wedge have?

A. The Vac-Wedge™ is made of a translucent plastic that provides some light transmission. However, you should always use proper curing methods and guidelines outlined by the composite manufacturer.


Q. Can I change the shape of the wedge?

A. Yes. The Vac-Wedge™ has some memory and can be bent in any direction to assist in placement.


Q. The ‘small wedge’ is too large for the inter-proximal space. Can I adjust the size of the wedge?

A. Yes. The wedge body can be modified by compressing it with cotton pliers or shaving it down with a dental bur using light pressure.


Q. Do I need to worry about latex allergies?

A. No. The Vac-Wedge™ is made of plastic and the tubing is made of silicone.